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Nominated-Mnova RM-Annual-Government-Single Nominated License

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Mnova RM (Reaction Monitoring) makes the analysis of RM data simple, providing a sophisticated suite of software solutions to what can be somewhat tricky data to analyse.
- NMR is the ultimate analytical tool for this job, because quantification requires no additional work, and structural information is imposed on the spectrum characteristics.
- Kinetic analyses are interesting as physical organic experiments, and as practical readouts of production chemistry endpoints alike.
- How the experimental data are collected on the spectrometer can vary considerably, and Mnova provides a versatile suite of data import tools.
- Metadata is extracted, for example to automatically build a time axis.
- Industry leading processing tools ensure the experimental data are properly prepared for further analysis and information extraction.
- Phase and baseline can often have poor quality, large protonated solvent peaks can interfere with the interesting chemistry, etc.
- Use the in-built tools to construct a curve of concentration vs time.
- The correct way to analyse reaction kinetics“Easy” analyses can be further simplified using a wizard to step you through the process.
- For the ultimate in at-line process control and maximising productive chemistry, collect data and analyse the data in real time.
- Recalculate species’ concentrations to ensure that reactions do not over-run.